Comparing doTERRA, Young Living and other essential oils companies

Questions are in bold and responses follow.

Lots of folks have shared their experiences about the quality of doTerra essential oils as compared with other brands.

Aug 31, 2010

Some have made erroneous claims about the founding of doTERRA that were addressed by David Stirling, President and CEO. Click here to read.

May 19, 2010

Corrine – Does anybody know the difference between the oils from these two companies? I know lots of people who are with Young Living and want to try to convince them to move over to DoTERRA but I am not sure what the differences are.

Julie Ann – Young Living, Be Young, and all of the other companies out there if I put them in a hat and shake them up I come to the same conclusion, NONE of them even come close to doTERRA!! Let people do the smell test and it will be all the convincing they need to come over. The AromaTouch Technique beats all the other EO applications out there hands down too!! We have been with doTERRA since September 2009 and are simply astounded at the purity, potency, and efficacy of the products, company, and leadership that doTERRA offers. I brought almost my entire team over with me and we have not regretted a minute of the change.

Rosemary – I second that! When I joined doTERRA I wasn’t expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised! There is a big difference in the oils and they are CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE oils. This is the best run Essential Oil company I have ever been with. If you can’t attend trainings in person, there is plenty of training and information on My cousin had me smell her Young Living oils to see if they were still good. Just because it smells okay, doesn’t mean it is okay or pure. Oils that have synthetic additives smell very good. After smelling 6 of her oils I got a terrible headache. That used to happen to me when I would be in training all day with Be Young and doing PATs and EATs. I have never had a headache with doTERRA oils and I have been in all day trainings teaching the Aroma Touch Therapy. That therapy is by far the most effective therapy I have ever done and received. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes and is very cost effective. It’s a great tool that enhances your business and the welfare of your clients. It took me two months to decide if I should join another company or go find my own oils. I will never regret going to doTERRA.

Maree – The difference is in the using. I had a class last week with 3 Young Living users and they were going over my oils and one tried Deep Blue on her neck and immediately felt it working. Folks will be able to tell the difference in using them. Just as this one called her other friend saying ‘ohmigosh-these work quick’

Lori – I don’t know what’s in Young Living oils but I do know that they never worked for me. I have many friends that use them and seem to be very happy with them but whenever I tried them I didn’t get the relief that I now get from doTERRA. When I was introduced to YL, my husband told me to get those disgusting things out of our house. Now that I use doTERRA, he loves them and even has his own bag of his favorite oils. They smell better and work better. As they say “the proof is in the pudding”. I’ve been with doTERRA since May of 2008 and I am still constantly thrilled with how wonderful these products work. They’ve definitely made a difference in our quality of life.

Tanya – I used to be very nervous about talking to Young Living users about my oils…but now I prefer talking to them! They are usually well versed in the basics of oils and understand that good oils are important. This is exciting because once they smell doTERRA over their oils they are very surprised! Many of my customers are converted YL users. I had a great experience last weekend, I was able to bring all my oils to a heavy YL user and I got to smell the difference myself. She showed me her oil and I opened my comparable blend and WOW. Huge difference. I’m no longer nervous to test my oils against them or any other brand. I’m excited when people want to do that, because I’m going to have a convert!

jcm – You are correct. And we use two independent labs to confirm the certification, efficacy and purity of the oils.

Pete – From my understanding, Young Living does an initial MS (Mass Spectroscopy) test, then files it away and only does a GC (Gas Chromatography) test on every batch. GC cannot determine whether a substance is natural or synthetic and this is the main difference.

Rosemary – That has been my understanding as well. The Mass Spectrometry test is expensive which eliminates alot of oil companies from wanting to do it. The Gas Chromatography is not so expensive. That test does not determine if the oil is pure and has the correct constituents. doTERRA does both. With the MS they run six different tests. These tests are done by independents outside of doTERRA. Once you start using doTERRA you WILL see a big difference from other oils.

Diane – I think it is valuable to understand the testing difference. Thank you for explaining it. I was a Young Living user who stopped using their oils a few years ago but I never really processed why. Now I understand why. They are not pure. The YL oils are in a box with coagulated oils around the rim from sitting and not being used.

DeEllen – So what about the other companies, since we are comparing. I used to use (and still have quite a few of) Forever Young and Tru Essence oils. I can tell by the smell that Do Terra is better. I knew it was better than Tru Essence right away. But when I pulled out Forever Young oils and compared, I was shocked at the difference there too.

GetOiled – I came across another company called Aroma Thyme that claims they do both testing on their oils but at just one lab. They suggest NOT taking the oils internally, also. I asked why, and was given the “better safe than sorry” answer. I thought this was interesting.

Brittney – Wow! That sounds scary. Talk about not being able to use the essential oils everyday in ever way. I use the oils neet all the time for myself and my very young children.

DeEllen – I wouldn’t use their oils. This line: “Certified Organic (CO), Organic certified by a third party, Organic (OR) same as CO except not certified , Wild Grown (W), Self-propagating – uncultivated – grown and harvested by hand in the wild, EF Ethically Farmed – May or may not be organic, or Farmed (F) grown with regular growing practices” makes me think that you will have no idea what you are getting from them. It may or may not be organic. It might be self-propagating or it might be farmed. That alone should stop someone in his or her tracks.

Then to go on and say that you shouldn’t put them neet on the skin and absolutely not ingest them says that they are not therapeutic grade oil. I’ve used oils neet on the skin for myself and my children for years. I’ve also used them internally with excellent results. Just these 3 things should be a red flag that you are not getting top quality oils and are not going to get the results or benefits that you are hoping for. I’d be worried about what oils were used to cut them considering they suggest using vegetable oil with them on the skin.

20 Feb 2010

Briana – I have a friend who is speaking with someone who has been told by one of the reps at True Essence that the True Essence oils have a “higher vibration” than doTERRA’s oils. Now of course I do not know how to prove this I only know how to explain the importance of CPTG.

Debbie – I just had my chiropractor/kinesiologist , who is the chiropractor for the Jazz Team, and a user of Young Living oils, test our oils. He was very impressed with not only how strong the oils tested, but also the LLW. I have gone to him for over 15 years now and he doesn’t get impressed easily. He actually tested twice. I think he was quite surprised. I think he is ordering on that comparison promo.

Julie Ann – I had a wonderful experience the other day. I have been trying to get into this ladies health food store for years now. She and a friend came to a meeting I was attending the other day. She did not give me the time of day….I thought that I would just bide my time and if I got a chance I would talk to her. It just so happens that the guy she was with came over to the place I was standing….I was putting drops of peppermint under my tongue and he asked me what I was doing. I told him. He asked me what kind of essential oils…I said doTERRA. He wanted to know about them….I politely told him how superior we were to any other company that carries essential oils, he said really? I said absolutely! He wanted to know if I had rosemary…I said yes, but smell our frankincense first., he did…was impressed..I gave him the OnGuard..let him taste it…he was really impressed,….

Now is where I had to laugh when I left for home and ever since too….the lady came over when she saw us talking….saw what I was doing and she made the comment….My favorite is peppermint, does your company have that oil? I said sure and handed her the bottle of peppermint…she put it to her nose and took a huge sniff…if you could have seen her theatrics you would have laughed…it nearly blew her head off from the way she was acting, and when she got her breath, she said “wow that was SO powerful,” I said “I know it…doTERRA has the most powerful, pure essential oils on the planet and we can prove it with our testing. Her friend wanted to smell our rosemary, I gave it to him…he smelled it, liked it and said “do you mind if I test it”? I told him to go ahead that I would be delighted. He pulled out his pendulum and when he put it close to the bottle that thing took off. He was amazed, she was incredulous and both of them got a lesson in how wonderful doTERRA essential oils really are. By the way, they use NOW and Young Living essential oils. No wonder they couldn’t believe how potent our oils were!

17 Feb 2010

Loryjean – Rocky Mountain Oils. Does anyone know about this company? They are advertising CPTG on Google and claim to have lower prices. I’d like to know about them if anyone has information.

Deborah – Actually, they don’t advertise themselves as Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, they advertise themselves as “therapeutic grade, organic/organically grown/wild” essential oils and they compare themselves to Young Living oils. We know our oils are far superior to Young Living’s oils. They also advertise their oils in two categories…”pure essential oils” and “aromatherapy oils”, now that alone should make someone do a double take!

Loryjean – Thanks for the distinction, lots of people won’t catch that, as it implies the CPTG label.

Deborah – You are so right, it is a shame that some companies have to use tactics that can be misleading. You even run into it within the health food stores!! I try to encourage everyone to ‘know your sources’, which means that one needs to check into what they are buying and who they are buying it from. I am a huge believer of reading labels, that alone can give someone insight to the product itself.

That is very interesting that you have been coming across Young Living reps since joining doTERRA. I don’t think there are many in my area as I haven’t come across any. Before I joined doTERRA (almost 2 yrs ago), I did come across a booth with the Young Living packs, but when I looked at them, smelled them, I felt that they were just not what I was looking for. I have used essential oils for over 15 years and I have a very high expectations regarding the quality of my oils. When I found the doTERRA oils, I was so elated as they met my criteria and expectations perfectly. Yes, you are right that we need to educate others on what to watch out for.

9 Dec 2009

Tahna – Has anyone compiled a list of Young Living blends and what we could use instead from doTERRA? Even if there is not a close blend in existence by doTERRA–which two singles would give a close effect. I’m probably more interested in the “emotional” intent. Thank you!

Rob – The book Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide has such a chart on page 146 at the beginning of the Blends Chapter. Also included at the bottom of this page.

ReNay – What about a list of prescriptions and our oils? Has any one already done that?

Editor’s note – there is a nice chart called oils vs. big pharma that addresses this and it is on this website. Hope it helps. If you do a more detailed chart and want to share it please go to our Submit page.

20 Nov 2009

Angeline – I have been told that doTerra is the greatest and best oils by some people, but so many other people swear by Young Living. I was also told that Primavera is much better than doTerra. How do I know which oils are best? What makes doTerra so great?

Christina – I totally understand where you are coming from! Being a massage therapist and energy worker for over 15 years I have been exposed to the “best oils on the market” After using different brands it was easy for me to know the difference in quality. For the new people to oils the best thing you can start with is the good old smell test!

When I tried the smell test on doTERRA, I knew instantly doTerra’s oils were purer. Compare for yourself – some good oils to compare to doTERRA’s are lemon, lavender, basil and wintergreen (use your smell test) then after you use the doTERRA oils you will understand the difference in purity. Have the person who introduced doTERRA to you help you sample the oils.

I compared doTerra’s lemon, lavender, basil and wintergreen to my leading brand oils – I couldn’t believe the difference, then after a month of using doTERRA oils I could not use my other oils (I have about $3,000 worth of my old oils on hand that I won’t use now)

Hope this helps, I never believe what I am told, I have to experience things for myself. Good Luck!

Brooke – I haven’t ever been associated with another essential oil company like many others, but I did have some oils I had purchased from 3 different companies. It only took one smell of dōTERRa’s lavender and I knew there was a significant difference! But, it never hurts to do your own research.

So, I did a little research on the company of ‘Primavera’ you mentioned (I had never heard of it) I personally found it interesting – they recommend that you never use their oils without a carrier of some kind – never internally – and it looks like they use chemical solvents to extract some for fragrance purposes. I don’t know much about the scientific stuff. I see that they use a lot of organic products and it looks as though they are very careful to use good things in their other products that are ‘organic’ – but NO where in their web site does it say ANYTHING about PURE oils – or how they are tested to ensure purity. Interesting!

This is what they state on their web site:

From Primavera Web Site: “… The heart of every Primavera product, essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their natural healing and nourishing benefits. Along with pure essential oils, the other plant-based ingredients that form the foundation of Primavera are seed oils, base oils and plant extracts. Each product is hand-blended to create the most effective formulas possible.

…Referring to the method of extraction, absolutes are very intense scents created when a plant’s essential oil cannot be gathered through steam distillation. Often used for Jasmine, Tuberose, Mimosa and other precious flowers, the essential oil is extracted through a process that involves chemical solvents. They are very potent and only 1 – 2 drops are needed to blend with 50 ml base oil.

…Also don’t use them in high concentrations or take internally without the explicit advice of a health practitioner”

Kathy – I also had the same question when I learned about DoTerra – how do I know they are #1. I checked out a few others who had therapeutic essential oils and all but one website said not to use them internally, ever. I knew from what I learned at DoTerra that what that meant is they were not pure (certified pure). I also had someone come in my shop and they said, “do you have something like Young Living Thieves” and I said yes – it’s OnGuard. She was surprised because she said her mother was an employee of Young Living and was secretly using DoTerra oils and her mother didn’t know about OnGuard. I asked why her mother would use DoTerra oils and not Young Living – she said “because my mother said that DoTerra’s are more pure”. That was enough for me!

Brianna – Do you have any of your other helpful findings through your research on other oil companies? I often get asked this same question…. “why doTERRA?” and would love any other helpful facts to share with those who ask. THANKS!

Brooke – I haven’t really researched other companies – and maybe I will do more – just so I have the info. I think that it is difficult because no matter what – you’re going to have every company make the statement that theirs are the “Best”. If I was an official “scientist”, I could test them all myself and find out that way – but I don’t have that designation after my name – so instead I have to rely on good ole’ fashioned scientific’ testing with my “MOM” designation! So, here’s what I’ve found so far….

· I’ve cleared up diaper-rash on a friends son

· I’ve gotten everyone in my family over the ‘flu’ in 2-4 days – without seeing an official “doctor”

· I haven’t had to get a prescription for the flu, antibiotic, or other medication since I joined in July

· I was able to take care of my son who got strep throat from a friend – by using oils only

· I have made my house smell extremely good – and I can actually breathe after using the oils (I usually had problems with other products and ways of making my home smell good) – and in the meantime, have hopefully killed airborne bacteria.

· Kept myself from getting a sore throat- overnight

· My son hasn’t had his yearly “fall asthma” attack and subsequent cold (which usually included a trip to the Urgent Care facility to get breathing treatments)

· Been able to treat my hip with Deep Blue so I can sleep at night (It may be bursitis of the hip and gets inflamed sometimes – but the pain goes away within 5 minutes of putting on Deep Blue

· I have used the Past Tense to get over several headaches

· I’ve been able to help my daughter who has anxiety issues using Balance, Serenity, and other things

· Helped my 8 yr. old son when he had an exercise induced asthma attack – and instead of asking for his Albuterol inhaler – he asked for ‘oils’ – so I put Breathe on his chest and within one minute he was breathing normal again

· Been taking lemon and peppermint in my water every morning – and have been much more “regular” – (gross, I know, but…..)

· Helped my 14 year old eliminate the pain when she hurt her shoulder playing volleyball this season

· Used DigestZen when I got food-poisoning. Woke up in the middle of the night thinking I was going to die! “Poured” it over my stomach – put a couple of drops under my tongue and did it twice, and was back to sleep within 30-40 minutes.

· Bonded with my children every night as I put oils on them

So….that’s my ‘scientific’/”Dr. Mom” results. I guess for me, that’s enough proof – for now. And, I didn’t even include the stories from my friends who have been using the oils! I hope you are able to have the same successes!

Jan – Wow Brooke! I can hardly imagine a longer list of great successes than that! Thanks so much for sharing!

I was a distributor with another oils company for many years. For the most part, had been quite satisfied with the products. Was not looking for another company (well, not consciously looking anyway). Learned about doTERRA and because I knew Justin Harrison, Dr. Hill, and Emily Wright, was curious about the company and the oils. Got the basic kit so I could check them out. Was truly shocked at how much better I liked them! (The biggie was when I applied lavender to the back of my neck and developed NO rash!) Switched companies almost immediately. Haven’t looked back since!

NOTE: The advice shared in this site has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. As members offer or look for answers, kindly understand that essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance – thus helping the body’s natural defenses to restore homeostasis. Essential oils are not used to “treat” medical problems.


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